No more Nikons after 30 years!

So I finally said goodby to my Nikon gear the other day after 30 years of using the brand.

I have used all the pro bodies and a lot of Nikkors in my time from the F2 up too the D4s but its time to move on, something I think Nikon as a company should be doing if they want to survive.

A few years back I purchased a Fuji X100 one of the limited editions in black before they became common and I used it whilst on holiday in America, I was very impressed at what this diminutive camera could produce, I kept an eye on Fuji and what they were doing.

I have used Fuji film for many years before digital and have used there medium format film cameras and there large format lenses also, all were very good.

Then last year the XPro2 came out and I bought one to test out. I shoot most of my work on film sets where noise from the cameras shutters can be a real pain, the Fuji is silent which means I can shoot during a scene which is great, even with the mechanical shutter engaged it is still way quieter than my Nikons!

So this year all the Nikons went and I purchased 2 X Pro 2s and lenses from 15mm to 210mm (35mm) Not only will it make my gear much lighter it is also way cheaper to purchase and insure than the Nikons, think about it 2 x D5 with 16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200 will set you back over £15k! The 2 X Pro 2 with same spec lenses cost me £5.6K that a saving of £9400! I know the D5 and the XPro are very different cameras but for what I need the X pro 2 works great.......and with the cash saved I purchased the new Fuji GFX 50s medium format mirrorless camera, what have you got Nikon???

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