5x4 Workshop

Spent the morning with a pal of mine teaching him the basics of shooting with a large format camera. He picked it up really quick but then Julian is a talented photographer and his day job is a 1st camera assistant/focus puller on movies!

Shot 6 sheets of Foma 100 on the Ebony 45SU using a selection of lenses 75/120/150/210.

This is a shot of me Julian captured using the 210 lens, exp was 1/15 sec @ f8 1/2

Next time Julian wants to have a go with the 8x10 camera.......

Rodenstock 210mm Sinaron S

Exp: 1/15 sec @ f8 1/2

Dev: Rodinal 1+50 for 9 mins

Fujinon SWD 75mm f5.6

Exp: 1/4 sec @ F16

Dev: Rodinal 1+50 for 9 mins

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