Shooting film stills with the Fuji XPro 2.

For the latest TV film I have been working on I have been testing out the Fuji Xpro 2 camera alongside my trusty Nikon's

The reason for my interest in this camera is the electronic shutter which enables me to shoot stills on set whilst we are shooting a scene, the camera is silent. This is a massive bonus to me as before this I was using a Nikon camera inside a sound proof housing ( "Blimp") These are heavy and still not completely silent, the other draw back is once the camera is inside the box you have very limited control of the camera.

I must say I am very impressed with the little Fuji, it focuses really quickly for a mirrorless camera

the focusing is also very accurate and the 24 MP sensor is great in low light and produces great results with stunning colors.

I am so pleased with the camera that I am considering shooting all my film stills with the Fuji XPro 2 not just the scenes where I have to be silent but also for the work I do that is set up in between


Fuji XPro 2 with 56mm f1.2 | 1/280th @ f2 ISO 200

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